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DE – RRT Supports Emergency Training in Oberweidbach

In the little village of Oberweidbach, not a lot of exciting things happen. But on 13th October the alarms went off in the area to signal that something was happening. Smoke was coming out of an office building and children were trapped inside. Fortunately, this was only a practice run for the fire and emergency services in the area.

Around 50 emergency personnel took part and a few onlookers enjoyed the action on a sunny day. RRT volunteers from Endbach prepared 150 burgers and handed out the legendary RRT water bottles.

As things were planned beforehand, it was a good opportunity to showcase what happens in case of an emergency and what RRT can do for the community. After filming, the team was summoned to create a documentary video to give everyone an idea of what happens when RRT is called to feed hungry and tired personnel. We hope you enjoy the video!

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